Luke blows up the Death Star in probably the best political ad this year

I’m utterly surprised the DNC scraped up enough cash to use that scene hahaha


I think it’s interesting that you assume that they paid for the rights to use that clip.

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Why is it so damn hard to find the actual ad on my phone?

Man, I hate links to Twitter.

(And no, I’m not about to set up an account or download their app.)

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Here’s the video, sans twitter

I think there’s a reason why you can’t find this video on Youtube. I suspect it got a take-down notice because they didn’t actually get the rights to use it.


Lol “rights” :rofl:

I thought his opponent (Chris Collins) was in jail. Sadly, not quite yet.

I saw the dubbed in Praxis effect and assumed that it was still Lucas fucking with it.

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