Mad Max Trilogy soundtrack on vinyl

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*not that Brian May

[quote=“beschizza, post:1, topic:94456”]It’s up for preorders at $70 and will ship in April. I wonder: why doesn’t it include Mad Max 4?[/quote]So they can include it in another set, and charge you $70 again, of course.

I’d almost be willing to pay extra if they’d left out Mad Max III…

Vinyl only? This fad has really started to harsh my mellow.

For an extra fee i can record it on a tape deck for you

Actually mad max on vinyl makes more sense to me than most movies getting the hipster douchbag special edition treatment. After all if the end really did happen vinyl would be easier to build something to listen to.


Trifold jackets are semi-standard but not quadfold. A quadfold jacket would increase the production costs by a large amount.

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