Mad Monster Party: the comic book


I saw this when I was a kid at a kid’s movie weekend at the neighborhood theater, and haven’t seen it since. I loved Rankin-Bass as I grew up. Sure would like to see it again.

Phyllis Diller as the Bride of Frankenstein was priceless.

Mad Monster Part is on Netflix . . . or was, as of a month or so ago.

The movie had a definite MAD vibe. I didn’t know Kurtzman was involved. That would certainly explain it!

bullshit! francesca is a redhead! she, along with tina louise, forever warped my idea of what my ideal woman would look like. tall, ridiculously curvy and red-haired, shot only on the left profile.

As of a few years back, you could get it on DVD. I have a happy copy down in the library. Heck, it’s still on Amazon and as a free video with them and even on Blu-Ray!

Now why the heck won;t someone put out Capt. Simian and the Space Monkeys!

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