Madison Cawthorn gossips about how colleagues he admires enjoy cocaine and orgies

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In other words, Republicans. He has just outed his party as a gang of deviated preverts.


And yes, can we please get this Nazi out’a office, please.


Somehow I feel this “reveal” involved a mirror in more ways than one.


Cawthorn is too stupid and blindly ambitious to realise that these senior Republican hypocrites he admired have been able to amass the power they have and maintained their “family values” image with the rubes by being discreet about their proclivities. You don’t hold onto your office for decades by being a fool about such things

Cawthorn probably thinks that saying he has the ability to spill the beans gives him leverage over old-guard scumbags like Lindsey Graham and will scare them into raising him up. In fact it puts a target on his back for party rivals and elders who were already experienced ratf*ckers when he was born.


“To the right honorable representative from the third district of the great state of [redacted]: you are hereby most graciously invited to a fine and friendly sexual get-together, to be followed by an ice cream social. Formal attire; RSVP at your earliest convenience.”

But seriously, who calls it a “sexual get together”? And who thinks it’s a good idea to invite Madison Cawthorn?


And it will affect their die-hard family values god-fearing christian voters not in the slightest, because their representatives are god’s own chosen and pure as the driven snow, it’s those evil demoncrats what put them up to it.


Actually I can see a Republican in his 60s or 70s calling it exactly that.

A certain self-righteous Huckleberry Hound soundalike Senator who wants a change from ordering in Beltway rentboys? The only thing better than rough trade for someone with those tastes is fascist rough trade.


And now he’s confirmed that he is actually a sanctimonious little prig, he doesn’t just play one on TV.

He’ll never do a line in that town again.


Well, this was obviously a setup by some kind of antifa group; they deepfaked this, or drugged him or something. I mean, from such a noted MSM outlet as <checks notes> “Warrior Poet Society” you’d expect <double-takes, checks youtube channel, notes content>… nevermind.

Evil Democrats! Evil!
… Look over there, is that a trans child being supported and advocated for??? → Outrage

  1. There really isn’t anything wrong with a sex party with consenting adults. Though depending who those adults are, they could be terrible people.

  2. Isn’t really anything wrong with doing drugs - though it is BS if you are continuing to prop up the war on drugs while doing drugs.

  3. Madison Cawthorn is a tool and, apparently, also a square. (ETA - he’s that little thing that you attach a socket to on a socket wrench.)


“YouTube’s “Warrior Poet Society” “

Bad poetry, bad strategy and the lash?


So… Madison Cawthorne, ace insurrectionist/qonservative, is not being invited to any Democrat-hosted parties.

Is he confessing that, in fact, there is some wild Qonservative underworld where septuagenarian orgy-goers take breaks in order to enjoy key-bumps of cocaine?? (We’re halfway to a Q conspiracy theory-- all we need is “pizza” and a basement.)

And what the fuck is Representative Madthorne doing in that frat-bro uniform? He looks 17.


Is anyone else creeped out by the doll on the shelf of this program? Behind interviewer, row of YouTube ‘awards’ … whatever. But that doll and the trench of rocks/geodes, plus the Mel Gibson/Braveheart photo and the incompletely whitewashed brickwork…not to mention the cameras. Makes me feel like I’m under a pizza shop or something.


They’ve always been the party of it’s just fine if you’re a Republican. From John Bolton & Roger Stone being big in the Plato’s Retreat scene and it being known publicly to the rent boys to the Republican Congressmen known to enjoy trans women sex workers.

There must have been some very interesting security clearance investigations and interviews. You’re not a risk of being blackmailed if you’re up front about it.


It’ll never affect his support because his supporters will never hear of it. They’re insulated from any negative coverage of their chosen candidates by the warm fluffy embraces of their cozy Fox-Facebook media bubble.


Pulp Fiction Film GIF by The Good Films


Am I the only one wondering if any of these people are called Trump?


Frankly sounds more like he’s trying to puff himself up than having any actual knowledge of what he’s talking about. But who knows. One thing we’re all aware of is how the GQP is full of some of the rankest hypocrites the world has seen, so I wouldn’t put it past them to be anti-sex, anti-drug, and happily involved in both to the extreme.


When he put the baseball cap on backward it activated “Frat-bro mode” and left him no option but to talk about being invited to orgies and doing lines of coke.