Madness performs with a string quartet from their "London lock up"

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Our House is at 28:40

I’ll skank on your grave!

That was nice. And a bit weird. Life on Mars was a bit of a surprise.

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one step beyond, indeed!

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Nice. I love Madness.

I’m afraid I found that all a bit sad.
Strings will tend to do that, of course.
But everything seemed to me to be played at a tempo that was just a small fraction too slow. There was no ‘jauntiness’ - which is the one thing you could always rely on Madness for. And Suggs was never the greatest singer, but his voice was largely suited to their material. In this performance it is exposed, and I think he’s losing it. Or was not trying.

My first concert was Madness… 37 years ago. I still love them.

shame this wasn’t your bag.

this 40-year fan of Suggs & Co. is thrilled to have this.
something new to listen to when the mood for strings strikes me.

I unfortunately have to agree with you on this.
I was thinking that this was the first time in 40
years of listening to them that I actually felt sad (?!).
Suggs seemed really depressed during this -
and as you said - the strings added some melancholic
feeling that seemed downright weird.

Anyway, I hope we get to see them in ‘21.

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Good luck with that. Clearly they want to be on the road so it should work out for you.
It’s not the first time I’ve thought his vocal powers were waning, but last time I just filed it away as ‘an off night’. But now I think it’s more than that.

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