MAGA Blocks are the perfect holiday gift for xenophobes-in-training


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“very classy”


Hmm… I could really use that minifig…


Soon to be followed with MAGA: The Movie!

With the song Everything is Great Again. The Best!


I made the mistake of clicking through. Now I’m gonna get a billion crappy-Trump-swag ads, aren’t I.

ETA: Also, the Trump minifig printing is terrible. That sack of hot garbage can’t wear a tie less than six inches too long–no way you’d be able to see his belt buckle.


Last I heard LEGO still had the patent on that basic minifig design even if it’s legal for other toy makers to sell compatible bricks.


This may be an interesting joke and collectible at some time in the future. There is no way that I would even consider buying a set as the people that came up with this don’t deserve a penny for their efforts.


I wonder if Trump will sue them for a piece of that pie?


Add this to the things that righty can’t do:

  1. Tell a good joke.
  2. Design a fun Lego (like) set.
  3. Elect a serviceable officeholder.
  4. etc.


At first I thought this product was a joke at Il Douche’s expense. I should know better by now.


I shared a pic of this on my Facebook wall with the comment, “I hope Lego sues the sh*t out of them!” One of my Trump-addled friends shared it on his wall with the comment, “I ordered mine! Should come with machine gun houses on top of the wall!”

All I could do was reply, “Well played.”


Ooh, I hope they come up with a MAGA Death Camp kit! Nothing says fun like genocide!



My assumpti9n [quote=“MaiqTheLiar, post:9, topic:133357”]
Add this to the things that righty can’t do:

I don’t see lego being popular with the right mindset. Instead, this product feels like a fleece job to me.


While there are good people attempting to enter our nation, there are also gangs, criminals, and terrorists. Everyone who wants to enter our country must enter legally for the safety of all.

(emphasize mine)

Domestic terrorism is very real: Austin suicide attack (2010), Pentagon Shooting (2010), Discovery Communications hostage crisis (2010), North Virginia military shooting (2010), Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting (2012), April 2013 ricin letters, Boston Marathon bombing (2013), Overland Park Jewish community center shooting (2014), Las Vegas shooting (2014), Charleston Church shooting (2015), San Bernardino shooting (2015), Orlando nightclub shooting (2016), …

I challenge anyone to show me some real proof that there are so-called terrorists in these immigrant caravans. I believe many of these statements about illegal immigration are fear-mongering and racist, and are not fact based.


Never before has the old saw “A Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted” been more aptly illustrated.


It’d be better if the bricks didn’t fit together. (Though, possibly they don’t. Who would ever know?)


The patent is definitely expired. (USD253,711 issued in 1979; patents expire after 20 years.)

They probably still have a copyright of some variety, though.


Looks like you’re right, but as of 2015 the minifig shape was still legally protected under trademark law (like the shape of the Coca-Cola bottle). And trademarks don’t expire.

That’s why Mega Bloks and other off-brand brick playsets have such crappy figures.


the post irony world is a strange strange place