MAGA goons with guns and phony badges knock on doors to interrogate residents in California

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A preview of the thuggish police state that the “State of Jefferson” would a actually become if its proponents got their way.

It’s also another reminder that not all of California is Dem and liberal. Shasta County is a hotbed of far-right ideology, and MAGAts and Qnuts have taken control of local political offices there in the past. If a Syrian-style civil war were to break out in America, this would be the scene of some of the most brutal and destructive violence and terrorism.


Shasta County.
This checks out.


I’m surprised someone didn’t shoot them - threatening them with weapons at their homes? Sounds like a stand your ground defense.

At least turn the sprinklers on them or let the dogs out.


I’m at least one SDs to the right of the median Californian, but there are some sketch places in far northern California. As a 19 year old with long-ish hair at the time, I stopped to buy something at some roadside deli in Leggett (on 101) and some guy in the back shouted out “Do you need me to cut your hair, boy?” I noped out of there.

Jefferson had a shot to be a state but, alas, they had their organizing convention on December 6, 1941, and then would-be founders decided that the time was no longer ripe to be asking questions about the political stability of certain of the United States.


There’s no Stand Your Ground in California. That said, California has a really robust Castle doctrine – prosecutions for shooting someone who has busted into your house is all-but unheard of here. Unless you knew the person or they were your drug deal/client, DAs will clear your name in a week and you’ll get your gun back.

But if you shoot someone on your doorstep, you are almost certainly going to jail.


They definitely were trying to push their way into the house. And brandishing their weapon.

They certainly didn’t have a concealed carry permit in Cali. And open carry isn’t legal. Brandishing their weapon at me in my home.


Up yonder the KKK GQP don’t like the US Constitution, none of it.


This is clearly voter intimidation, right?


Not only that.


I wonder how they will react to homeowners standing their ground? Fucking fascists.


It doesn’t help to exaggerate or conflate or wrongly locate details. Guns are mentioned not in the Shasta incidents but in Colorado in 2021: "Voters reported that USEIP canvassers wore badges and carried guns on occasion in 2021, according to clerks in Pueblo and El Paso counties.

Fake badges and badgering are bad enough, and the nationwide network of promoters and enablers represent a genuine threat to the electoral system–no need for gas-pouring from our side.


The tactic may have another sinister effect - branding all canvasing as dangerous. I volunteered to help in Cleveland, Ohio and only called on registered Democratic party voters but some of them refused to even come near their door.


These hillbillies can get a permit much easier there than other places in the state.
The ability to get a CCW varies widely in CA.
Shasta County:

Over the past few years some law enforcement agencies have virtually ceased issuing Concealed Weapon Permits. The Sheriff of Shasta County does not intend to do that.

The bill talked about in the below link was rejected:

Per 100,000 people, Shasta County issued nearly 20,000 between 2012 and 2021


Yes - but if I can see it - it’s not concealed.

Besides- he put his hand on it to draw.


Gee, Fellas… Come onto my property sometime.
You Cowards, using Cracker Jacks sheriff badges and your hankies for a mask, you are all welcomed to come knocking 24/7.

We’ll keep the lights on for ya!

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I hear you, believe me.
My gut tells me that the sheriff there would do literally nothing about the weapon issue.
As for the illegal canvassing, my hope is THAT would be investigated more thoroughly by the local election officials and the state. We shall see.


Colin Jost Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


From the Reuters article.

In Michigan, activists plan to go further. A group called the Election Integrity Force says it plans to field election challengers in each of the state’s 83 counties to raise objections to people they suspect are not legally registered to vote.

How exactly does that work? Do I have to show my ID to those challengers while they confirm my eligibility?

Michigan at least has laws in place but they do allow these challengers at the polls.

I mean it’s hard enough for a lot of people to get time off to show up at the polls and then to have people actively slowing down the process is nuts. Do they really think they will find enough harmless unintentional anomalies that could change an election?

As far as someone knocking on my door, I don’t answer questions for anyone unless they have a warrant, I certainly wouldn’t sign any type of document.

The sad thing is we all know to screw with them, laugh at them, and slam the door but there are a lot of people they can intimidate.


had this door mat when i still lived in maricopa county (joe arpaio days)