MAGA Hero Jason Whitlock slams women's right to vote (video)

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If someone claims that they’d never be able to take the voting franchise away from women, just remember that the same thing was said with equal conviction by some about reproductive choice.

These people mean what they say and are determined to force it through.



There was a time when Mr. Whitlock wouldn’t have been able to vote, either, because he would have been considered the property of that same male head of household, and that same Biblical bullshit he’s spouting off about men and women was also used to proclaim the rightness of that. Is he also advocating for a return to slavery?


whitlock is a former journalist (newspapers, fox sports, espn). if he played football, it was never at a pro level or anything. he definitely sold whatever soul and credibility that he had to suckle at the right wing teet.


Margaret Atwood has said many times that everything in the world of The Handmaid’s Tale was drawn from things that had already happened in some society or another and could very plausibly happen in our own in a terrifyingly short span of time.


Sorry, Whitlock. Once I found out your “natural order” wasn’t really about horses I lost interest.


Hell, why stop there? Let’s go back to when only landowners could vote, nah that’s just fussing around the edges. We need something with more unity and order, and there’s still too many votes with landowners. So messy.
One man, one vote that’s the ticket!
How about a revival of the divine right of kings?.
I will defend life before democracy, because a king used to represent the nation. When we were a culture that really understood the natural order that God intended - One man saying he serves God, and everybody else shutting the fuck up and following the one man who says he serves God no matter what.

Who cares if that man is a total idiot, or a vicious, sadistic murdering tyrant? If they are that must be what God wants. Maybe some of us weren’t praying hard enough, or maybe some selfish dickhead refused to sacrifice their child when God decided to play a prank on them to test their devotion.


The Lincoln Project staff are gonna have big fun with this one.


Hey, if MAGA folks want to restrict themselves to one vote per family, who am I to say no?

And if not-so-MAGA wives don’t agree with their dumbass MAGA husbands and turn up secretly to vote D, I’m no snitch.


By his logic Whitlock shouldn’t have a vote because he isn’t aristocracy. /s


Christ, what a total Whitlock.


Plenty of MAGAs already believe in the divine right of Trump.

not /s


A former boss, who was conservative, used to hang out with a powerful guy more conservative than him. And he said the guy’s wife was way more conservative, and didn’t think people (like me) who didn’t own a house, should be allowed to vote.

Her opinion mattered, as she was married to a Supreme Court Justice.

Not Ginny Thomas.


So much cheering! If MAGA women want to give up their votes and stay home I would be fine with that. Trump was “elected” thanks largely to the vote of white women. So by all means MAGA ladies, let the men folk do the voting for you.


Stuff like this begins at the edges, in the mouths of people like Whitlock, and next thing you know it’s party policy.

I don’t know if there’s a deliberate process to try out extreme positions on the fringes first and see how it goes over (or to get people used to the idea), or if it’s the case that the wackos spontaneously set the position and the calmer heads in the center take it up when they see it’s a vote-winner. Maybe it’s a mixture of the two.

I firmly believe that a sufficient number of MAGA women would cheerfully vote themselves (and every other woman) out of power, in much the same way as half the country is preparing to vote democracy away. “We never liked democracy that much anyway, even if we said we did.”


It’s a mix, but more of the former. This modern conservative M.O. goes back to Lee Atwater and Nixon’s Southern Strategy. Social media has only super-charged the fascist meme test-marketing machine.

The problem is that the MAGAts see that as the beginning of a process of disenfranchisement, not the end.

They’ve been talking about this for more than a decade.


Democracy is work! Many people just want a daddy figure to tell them what to think and do; much easier.


He’s not wrong. But the vote restriction wasn’t per household, it was per white landowner.

Trying to restrict the vote to one per household is just one more attempt to find a way to disenfranchise the majority without the muss and fuss of actually amending the Constitution.

All these mouthy MAGA proponents are Humpty Dumpty in Alice in Wonderland; “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.”

They don’t mean that silly written Constitution. They mean the way they would have written the Constitution.