Magician and audience make two guys believe they are invisible

Perhaps having to sign a release before spontaneously dropping in on a performance in progress in a public park predisposes a person just a wee bit towards playing a part.

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Except that it’s bullshit. Cummon people!

Judging by this and the trailer of the show when you get to Netflix, it looks like it relies on making an ass out of the other people. So in trailer he torments some kid who doesn’t like spiders. (Also note that it has the cinema verite of authenticity of zero).

This seems to be more of that.

Classic sketch from Amazon Women on the Moon:


Such a fun movie. Whenever I mention it to anyone I get blank stares.

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I started cringing as soon as I saw that it was a black guy that they chose to make invisible. Is Ralph Ellison’s “The Invisible Man” not taught in high schools anymore?

what?? Oh, man… everyone should know this movie…

I’m off to listen to my Don “No Soul” Simmons records now.


Yes, exactly! And I am talking about people with a fairly well developed IMDB region of the brain.


Don “No Soul” Simmons complete - which apparently is so soulless that it won’t even inbox:

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I like this bit on dating. They clearly could see where the future was heading but not how it would be implemented.


My point was not that the presence of cameras show its fake, but that the cameras were following the invisible person around watching his antics. How could they follow him around if they couldn’t see him?


Infrared cameras, duh.

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That was my first thought quickly followed by, why didn’t he pull out his own camera phone?
Also, the first person that disappeared to seemed to be a jump cut so…?

It doesn’t take a magician conspiring with an audience to make me believe I’m invisible; waiters are quite sufficient.


I don’t feel safe anymore. DOWN WITH MAGICIANS!


That would have been fantastic if there were some old, scraggily haired person with tattered clothes who goes up to the “mark” and in a sad voice says that he’s been invisible for 20 years and is happy to finally have someone who can see him again.


watched the first episode on Netflix. These people aren’t “actors” when you very narrowly define the word actor as someone paid to act in a certain manner. No, these people look like randos on the street who agreed to be in a show.
In interviews, he states that they make sure not to cut away during tricks but watching the show the cuts are constant and they make no effort to hide the cuts during a reveal. Take pulling an umbrella from an envelope for example. He reaches in, begins pulling out a black handle, jump cut to another angle, and now he’s pulled out an umbrella.
But for me, the worst of the worst was pulling his wife out of the suitcase. There was no “camera trick” because the trick was done post production. The obvious use of SiFi channel quality special effects was painful to watch.

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Well clearly they could see him ;-). But I know you meant wouldn’t he notice that they were following him even though he was supposed to be invisible.

To explain my thinking, I didn’t see any shot that couldn’t have been done from far away with a zoom, where he wouldn’t notice if the camera was following him. For example, no dolly shots, no moving around him where he would notice he was being circled. There is one moment where the camera seems to be peering out from behind a tree trunk. I think it’s plausible (not definitive) that all those camera shots of the subject could have been taken in a manner that he wouldn’t see he was being followed by the camera, especially if his attention was elsewhere and he wasn’t expecting it.

But the point is moot really, because like you, I believe it was fake. Whether the camera work is the clincher isn’t so important; I agree the preponderance of the evidence would say it was fake.

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This is the real thing:

So cute.

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I didn’t wonder if the marks were really actors-- they might have tried this gag a dozen times and only aired the most successful ones. I know people who still think Trump is some kind of self made genius, after all.

The question I found myself asking was, what keeps the mark from walking away from the whole scene, blowing it off as a puze not worth unraveling? How is it they stick around determined to get to the bottom of it, when there really isn’t one?