Major piranha attack in Argentina

Are those the fish with the little spikes on their backs and the big frown? Leatherbacks or something?

Nope, in fact they loook exactly like Piranhas, but bigger. Yesterday they bit a boy again. As I said, it’s not unusual, and it’s easily avoidable! But people keep leaving kids alone in the water and doesn’t hear the guards when they advice not to enter the water for a while.

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At least give the kids fishing poles and some worms!

LOL, unfortunately these fishes are awful, completely un-edible!

Sporadic if you’re lucky. Two weeks of over 95 degree heat with no light and therefore no running water if you’re not lucky. And today another power grid just up and exploded, leaving yet another barrio totally in the dark.



I really don’t know what to think about you now! :wink:

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