Make America Buy Trash Again. Unbelievable

Your very own Donald Trump-styled teddy bear, to show your patriotic cuddly side with a bear in a wig.
I really, really hope this is just a really good bit of satirical merchandise, but I have a horrible feeling it may be true.

“Teddy Bears” were actually invented in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt inspired by the story of the one animal he refused to shoot (because it had been captured and tied to a tree for his hunting convenience).

I don’t know what an appropriate analogy from Trump’s tenure in office would be. Maybe a stuffed doll in the likeness of the one woman he refused to objectify, or the one brown-skinned person he refused to say anything racist about?



Not gross enough.


It was the most rotten one I could find quickly.


…said someone in the GOP a while back…


I saw a Trump themed store at Dulles airport in January on a layover.

I was looking around (honestly) for a shirt that said something crude. I even told the clerk that, but he just said he didn’t have any. He did not seem confused by this request, as if he got it regularly for various reasons.

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