Make America Sane Again hats


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I don’t think that is a mission statement that is going to work. “Make America Great Again” is about nostalgia when white men dominated. What does “Make America Sane Again” mean? America was never sane. Progress and regression ran in parallel. I suppose that why country seems fractured.


If you really want to drive the point home, donate proceeds to MASA (Mexican American Students Association or MASA Israel (, or MASA (Mothers Against Sexual Abuse


Maybe back in the 1990s when we were more united? I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate. I would personally make America better (and saner) than it ever was, no “again” about it.


Sanity would be giving the money to a charity that will be hard pressed to deal with all the victims of the new government.

I mean, I love me some corgies, but they’re not going to be any worse off. Give to the ACLU, or a local LGBT center, Planned Parenthood, victims of domestic violence, suicide hotlines, groups helping refugees, community muslim support groups, food shelters, school supplied, etc, etc, etc. Pretty much any group who cares for people.



Patriotic defenders of the Constitution, this is the moment you’ve been preparing for all your lives.

Don’t blow it.

  1. Trump claims the maker of this hat is suspect because he/she is making a profit,

  2. Trump is told any profits are going to charity, then he claims the seller’s motive is even more suspect because they aren’t making a profit-- “No profit? Sounds like communism!”

  3. Trump’s lawyers issue a cease-and-desist order against the maker of the hat.


How about




Like crazy . . . man.


“… for a change” ?


Wow guys! There’s already enough sold to guarantee they get made. Total profits aren’t much, as I suspected. About $60 so far.

Dogs will be victims of Trump if the economy goes to crap. But in light of some of the comments, I’ll send some rain Planned Parenthood’s way.


Or buy some tamales.


An uphill battle if ever there was one.
Not that it would be significantly different anywhere else.


Wear a hat that shows your disdain for your neighbors who have different political views?

Something tells me that since Cory has in the past declared support for BDS organizations and seems to be pretty much against the Jewish homeland, it isnt likely he’d send money that way.


Why not? That’s what makes this country great!


In the years I lived in the US up to when I moved to Japan, I never wore a political affiliation garment but if I did it wouldnt be something this snotty.


You think that’s snotty? I’ve seen way worse.


Of course there is worse but whether one sifts through the kitty litter box by hand or covers ones self with dog turds doesnt matter, the fact is both are shitty.

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