Make delicious umami tater tots

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Tater tots are charming because they look like tiny potatoes (kind of).

Is this an example of neoteny? No, that’s not the word … hmm, I can’t think of the word.

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We like tot-chos in our house…simply replace the chips with tots. In fact, I think I’ll make tot-chos tonight!

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I know umami is ‘savory’ sort-of, but I was hoping for something japanese flavoured to drool over. Can’t you sprinkle some seaweed or sesame seeds on it or something? (lol j/k, nice story friend)

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So, butter and nutritional yeast, or just yeast and salt, on popcorn? I was into yeast only, and have come around to yeast being the perfect accent to the butter.

butter + yeast + salt


You baked tater tots?

The nutritional yeast is where umami lives.

Isn’t that the title of a They Might Be Giants song?


Tony C’s is the BEST creole seasoning, says this Louisiana boy


It should be!

Nutritional yeast - which I call “Hippie Dust” - is an essential item in my spice rack.


I find just yeast (and salt) doesn’t stick well enough. I’ve tried EVOO and yeast, but that only helps a bit with the adherence issue. Haven’t tried butter and yeast though; maybe next time.

If you wanna get really, really deep and have some seriously insane popcorn?

Brown the butter, then add yeast and salt.

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Dude that would be so easy, too! 0.0

Add yeast and salt before putting on popcorn, or butter the popcorn first, and add the yeast and salt after?

I should just make this a post but here is what I do most nights:

1/2 cup popcorn into brown paper lunch bag. No oil. Fold the bag top over a few times.

Start to brown the butter.

Put bag in and energize your nuclear oven. Mine takes 4:20 seconds for this operation.

Pour popped popcorn in big mixing bowl

Shake about 1/2 the Nutritional yeast and 1/2 the salt I want to add onto the popcorn. Toss.

Pour butter over. Toss.

Add additional seasonings. Toss.

Watch Rachel Maddow


As opposed to what? Eating them straight from the freezer? You monster.

Also: Oh boy! A food topic! Finally, something we can all agree on …oh.


Isn’t an air fryer just a convection oven?

Anyway, why not just add a little MSG?


I had never heard of nutritional yeast. I’ll give it a go when I find some - likely overseas. For easy umami, my go to’s are: Vegemite for wet dishes, and MSG (ajinomoto) when sprinkling onto something dry.

They would probably be OK in poutine, too. Pou-tots, covered in brown gravy and cheese curds?

I have no issues w/butter on popcorn, but my go-to is tamari+yeast. Tamari applied from an atomizer to prevent the soggy is the way to go.

I want to get behind this Nutritional Yeast stuff, but the milk ingredient makes me step back. I have a low lactose tolerance, so I’m wary of the addition of dried milk in stuff.