Make silly noises and fight Kirk in your own Gorn mask


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Greatest fight scene ever!

Is this the one where Kirk grinds up his own little batch of black powder to make a Gilligan’s Island cannon?


I don’t think that I could pull off that dress.


Tempted to get this and hang around Vasquez Rocks like a creepy clown.


The original doesn’t look as nice as the new mask.


Gorn. A good, woody sort of word.


Yes. And where Spock and McCoy comment on Kirk’s progress as they espy all the action.

Spock: “Coal”


How does it hold up vs. ear boxes during fight scenes?


You should never pull off any dress without the wearer’s explicit permission.


I’m pretty sure he keeps saying “Aw Hell !!”


You’ll want the bodysuit too; that thing looks itchy as hell.

I, uh … may know a certain museum curator who desperately needs this. If he hasn’t got one already.


That classic two-hands-clasped strike from Star Trek seems like the lamest and most inefficient way to hit someone. It’s like a showy professional wrestling move.

Bruce Lee could have probably pulled it off though. :smiley:


My SO would like the accompanying Shatner mask that she can wear during our, um, fight scenes.


Oh, can I wear it belted?


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