Making an LED you blow out like a candle, without any additional sensors

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Shouldn’t the phrase in the title be “blow out LIKE a candle” instead of “blow out WITH a candle”?

Title’s a bit confused - I presume you mean “like a candle”, not “with a candle”


I want one where the bulb is the switch so you can just put your fingers on it to turn it on and off.


but… isn’t his breath warmer than ambient air?

That’s much less cool than I thought from the blurb, since it relies on the arduino to cut the current. I was thinking that the temperature change actually changed the rectifying behavior of the diode, which would have been really cool.

Yes, it is. But the real question is if his breath is warmer or cooler than a lit LED.

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Maybe it is, but the current of air allows for more heat from the LED (that is presumably hotter then his breath) to be exchanged with the air. I think…

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