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A better picture of that cosplay I made, courtesy of IGN:

It passes the 5-foot test at least :laughing:


In progress, photo taken in low light.

This one’s kicking my butt. I don’t know what these frickin’ flowers are, but I hate them. lots of little bitty flowers and buds on central stalks. Can’t wait to be done with this and back to other paintings I’m enjoying more.



What kind of resin? (Link please, if possible.)


Apologies for the Australian eBay link, but when I searched for “Platinum Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin” this is what came up (and it’s where I bought it from). I think as long as you’re asking whether it’s hard wearing, suitable for furniture and UV stabilised you should be fine.

The red pigment was a paste; the gold was a fine metallic powder (Shimicoat brand).


All done:

Not bad for two bits of scrap.


…and begin again.

Jacaranda this time, probably gonna be a fruit bowl.


Thanks! Useful info


Coming along nicely:

Turns out that it’s Silky Oak rather than Jacaranda.


All done:







I’ve been tinkering with these things lately. Scrap PVC pipe, drilled a bunch of holes with a step bit on a drill press. Spray painted with plastic-compatible paint. Then an LED T8 replacement tube with colored polycarbonate sleeve (left over from a previous project). Lamps? Party decor?


Starting again:


This one may take some time to finish; going into hospital on Thursday.


These are cool, my wife would love something like this for her studio.


Best of luck with the hospital visit.


They are pretty easy to make, especially if you have access to a drill press. A step bit makes nice clean holes in PVC. (You will have LOTS of plastic shavings to clean up, though!) A jig clamped to the drill press table is very helpful here. I just eyeballed the hole size & spacing. You could do other things, like use a chop saw to make a bunch of parallel slots. In fact, maybe I’ll try that next.

For the lights, I use the “direct wire” type LED replacement T8 tubes, with both contacts at one end. This means you can plug it directly into A/C house current (i.e. no ballast needed), and that only one end of the tube needs wiring. (There are pins at the other end, but they are only for mechanical support.) Here’s a sample. To make the connection, I use these bi-pin lampholders on the hot end only. Wrap a bit of electrical tape to secure the lampholder to the tube. Then just attach a cord w/plug. The wires just push into holes in the lampholder, although I needed to solder on short pieces of solid wire, because power cords use stranded wire, which you can’t really poke into a hole.

Colored polycarbonate tube guards may be difficult to source in small quantities, but you could probably use colored plastic sheets or film & just wrap & tape.


The “previous project” I mentioned: A geometric light sculpture made of (4) intersecting triangles of different colors, each comprising (6) 48" T8 tubes.

I broke several tubes when uninstalling this piece, so now I have around 18-20 of them left, already encased in colored sleeves.


Is that a tensegrity structure?