Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?

Fokker Eindecker under construction:

Quite pleased with the single-servo aileron setup:

This morning also saw my first ever non-lethal barrel roll with the FT Sportster:

…which was a nice change, as this week has otherwise featured way too much in the way of ambulance rides and hospitals. Not dead yet.


I’d love to see more pics of the embroidered shirt, whether its finished or not. A full view on a hanger or person would be awesome.

These are beautiful!

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If I had a dollar for every project that needs fishing…I could buy stuff for so many more projects! Or pay someone else to do finish them for me. Or spend it on something completely different. Who knows, just wish I had those dollars.


B. O. A. T.

Bust Out Another Thousand.


You could quit your day job…those are masterful!


Eye of Agamotto:

My only concern is that I didn’t leave quite enough room to open the back if I need to change the battery. I might have to cut the back opening wider. Also, with it lit up I can see where the pupil needs touching up.


For those of us out of touch with pop/comic book culture who are you cosplaying as?


Pseudo Fokker Eindecker ready to go; just waiting for a non-windy day for the maiden flight.

I ran out of spraypaint halfway through, hence the pale green scheme. I figure I may as well see if it survives the maiden before investing too much in decoration. Eventually it’ll be British Racing Green with RAF roundels.

The lump of vertical foam in the cockpit is actually a protective cover for the reciever. Still looking for the perfect image to disguise that with; anyone know where I can find a good face-on picture of Snoopy wearing a Pickelhauben?


The mysterious master of magic Doctor Strange


oh jeez and I just read some of the new stuff a few months ago. durr…

I picked up a couple of those ready go mushroom growing boxes on a whim. And they seem to be doing well.

It peaked my interest in attempting to grow a few other varieties (this brand seems to only make kits for 1 variety of oysters). But as with a lot of things 90% of the information you find out there is from/for hard core enthusiasts. You have to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars, and culture your own mushroom mycelium from wild foraged mushrooms, and build a dedicated grow room with carefully managed climate controls, etc.etc.etc. I’m really just looking for a cheap, easy, small and low time investment way to grow a few more. I don’t need to be producing pounds and pounds of mushrooms for sale. Just enough to get me some cheap and ready access to mushrooms that are expensive and hard to find here. There are other kits available, but many of them seem to either be identical to these Back to The Roots ones, or excessively large eye sores that require careful management. I did find this however . Which looks about what I’m going for and should scale just fine for a smaller bucket and lower production. I’ll just need to figure out what sorts of mushrooms I want to eat can be grown reliably in that setup, or if its only suitable for oysters, or can be adapted with some simple sanitation for other varieties.

I think some one here mentioned growing mushrooms. @japhroaig maybe?


I have a friend who grew mushrooms for years, but he was the “dedicated room” sorta guy. And while I don’t think he wore an actual hazmat suit while culturing, he was insanely conscious of contamination.

I’ll ping him in a bit, but I suspect neither of us will like his answers.


Yeah I’d really prefer to do it hillbilly style. Effectively the idea would be to assemble something like those kits I already started. From what reading I’ve done so far it sounds like contamination is mostly a factor when you’re building the “spawn” (basically healthy, dense, fully develop mycelium on medium used to start a grow) from spores/scratch. Starting with purchased, professionally produced, healthy, spawn in sufficient quantity it sounds like the mushroom gets a much better/faster chance of colonizing your growth medium. So sterilizing things becomes less necessary. Which is the way I’d want to go. Containers of spawn seem cheaper than ready to go kits, and its more flexible for obvious reasons.


Apparently wood pellets as used in furnaces/bbq pits are an even better choice for cheap growing medium. Easier to sanitize and potentially cheaper and easier to handle than chips or dust. Buckets/bags etc can be easily sanitized with bleach, or no-rinse brewing sanitize. I think I’m formulating a plan here.



Obsession helps in this hobby. I go to great efforts to maintain cleanliness, but I haven’t bought a pressure cooker yet.

Bingo. Most of the work is done for you. The steps that need out-of-the-ordinary cleanliness happened before you took it home.

I’ve seen people use wet cardboard, coir, cow dung, coffee grounds, and many others that aren’t as alliterative. I’ve been using expired food storage wheat ground flour-to-sand grain size, mixed with vermiculite. I’m looking at a couple of other options for the next time.


Theres a youtube channel calld codys mine where hes growing mushrooms in a mine.

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My attempts to cultivate mushrooms generally didn’t go super well, and weirdly the only attempt that fruited well was the one I kind of forgot about for a while. Reading Stamets introduced me to the concept of “benign neglect” which is an idea that should be widely adopted by mushroom cultivators and IT managers - you create the conditions for success, then you refrain from constantly messing with it

(as an aside, I just googled “benign neglect” so that I could provide a link, and it turns out that the term has a surprisingly fraught history in american politics. so. . . yeah. maybe I need a new term)

Anyway. . . If I were in the US, and looking to buy a kit or spawn online, I would consider - it’s Paul Stamets online shop

If you’re starting from spawn, try to make sure you choose a substrate that your specific mushroom likes. Not every substrate is appropriate for every mushroom, and some mushrooms are more choosy than others



Starting plans for a solar-powered raspberry Pi (v2 or 3) HD webcam with the expectation that it will expand into a somewhat-robust weather station.

…coupled with this guy’s Solar powered Pi.


There’s a “you’ll go blind!” joke in there somewhere.