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Have I mentioned up in Oregon I have an Angram beer engine? (Refurbed, not the prettiest, but all the right bits work) :smiley:


Leonardo would have a few choice words for them, not to mention me.



There’s a secret pocket in my obi/sash. You can just make out the outline of my phone.

But I only saw one other Doctor Strange (in the movie costume) all weekend. I got a lot of photo requests. None of which I can find, of course.


That is SO super great! Good job, you!


We are not worthy!
I should break down and get tickets for myself and the dorky boykid for at least one day next year.


I’m still not happy with the collar. I’m going to be redoing that at some point. It was too close to my head so I ended up with a bunch of hair sticking straight up where it was rubbing against the collar.

Also, I sat down in the 3rd row of a panel and the people behind me all went “UM …” I had totally forgotten I had a giant pointy collar blocking everyone’s view. I sat in the back.


This is an old project, finished a long time ago, but I made this latch-hook rug rendition of an album cover. I was just sitting in quiet contemplation (heh) one day looking at the cover and thinking parts of it were kind of pointillist, reminding me of the rugs my mom used to make, and eventually I decided it could be done and should be done. It took about five years, on and off, just working on it a little bit every now and then, on long drives or in front of the TV. I probably left it completely alone for a year or two in there. It’s about 3 feet square or a little more, at a resolution of about 220x220 (guessing?). I bought some pre-cut rug yarn, bought some empty rug grid and staple-gunned it to a frame, outlined the major features on the grid, then just started picking out pieces of rug yarn and hooking them in. I’m sure you can figure out which part I did first; eventually I decided I needed a lot more colors in my palette and made a tour of the craft shops in town (Michael’s and the Other Michael’s) to see what I could round up. I had it pretty well down by the end, doing a sort of mental Fourier transform (note: by analogy only, no actual sine waves involved) on all the things going on in the picture to guide yarn choice at each point, rasterizing as I went along.

The original album cover had some text for the band name and title which I decided to go without. It was in a thin font (iPhone-style, ahead of its time). I thought about either hooking from the other side for a rectangular area around that, so you see the knot rather than the thread, or maybe just trimming the threads short for that, but the resolution wasn’t really there to support text so I skipped it. Maybe I should have used smaller yarn and a higher-resolution grid backing. Maybe I’d still be working on it!

I think I’m one of those people who respond to color more than other people do, although that’s probably true for a lot of crafters here too. Looking at color for me is like someone else hearing a symphony. (I got that reaction looking at @ficuswhisperer’s nixie pic up above, at #c348, with the backlighting. Yum.) With all credit to the original album cover artist and the people who made the yarn, I was really into this project and I’m pretty happy with it overall. It feels good to look at it, especially in the evening with Golden Hour rays casting shadows from the varying yarn heights.

If I ever get to a point where I have nothing else going on, I could go back and try adding some better color variation in those first parts. I could just take a pic of the back of the grid to document it, then just unhook some threads and replace them, and if it doesn’t work out I could use the pic to get back to how it is now.


I like how everything is green and submarine.


Green? I see blues and purples and pinks!


Recognized it immediately, one of my favorite albums.


This shall be the Summer of Treehouse.

The gray thing is a theoretical tire swing at this point. We shall see.


Ah, good, that’s good to hear. I couldn’t guess whether anyone would or not. And now that you mention it, it might be in need of another listen…


Very mid-century design there.

Consider adding a water feature under it.


Well, don’t tell the kids, but in the summertime the ground beneath the slide could easily be covered with plastic and we have a hose…


I would like to be adopted please.


“Fearlessly the idiot faced the crowd, smiling!
Past him as the magistrate turns round, frowning
And who’s the fool who wears the crown?”


So would I!


Right on. I gave it a listen after what IronEdithKidd said. It sounded great, those songs are old friends.


I love this! Now I want to go make one of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasure! I’ve never done latch hook stuff, so I’ll have to go figure out how to do it…


Who doesn’t love a good V.C. Andrews novel?

Too bad she’s dead, right*?

Have no fear!

  • Stairs of Stamens
  • Basement of Fruits
  • Looking for the Branch
  • Butler’s pantry of Pithes
  • Butler’s pantry of Seeds
  • Roots on the Hail
  • Pantry of Branches
  • Flowers of Tomorrow
  • Seeds of Yesteryear
  • Petioles of Tomorrow
  • If There Be Stamens
  • Searching for the Pistil
  • Porch of Fruits
  • Basement of Petals
  • Quest for the Petiole
  • Loft of Bulbs
  • Fruits of Yesteryear
  • Prowling for the Pollen
  • Seeds on the Guest-room
  • If There Be Seeds
  • Trunks of Yesteryear
  • Pistils on the Hurricaine
  • Searching for the Fruit
  • Stems in the Study
  • If There Be Fruits
  • Branches of the Swimming-pool
  • Office of Branches
  • If There Be Roots
  • Seeds on the Wind

… and other sequels, forthcoming!

* okay, I know – that never stopped her before

blame it on he hedgehog:

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