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Another knife created. This one is a ladies boot knife, and the 4th knife I have forged from steel made in my own shop. The scales are elk horn from the ranch.

And another older knife, this one using an old blade, with elk scales and a beaded elk sheath. I plan to forge a better blade, as I really like the sheath.

I hope Wanderfound gets back to posting lathework soon.


Yet still another knife. This one has an 80mm blade, which was copper plated and patinated prior to adding the handle. I was going for sort of a neolithic vibe.


Sold a couple more, headed off to California:

Lathe is still broken.


a) More customer feedback:


b) New lathe:


It seems inadequate compared to the old one.


Maybe he could make cups now.


It’s smaller, but it’s big enough for most things.

We’ve still got the old one, BTW. The issue is that the only local repairshop that deals with that brand decided to shut down for three months at Christmas, and my Dad got sick of waiting for them.


Breaking in the new lathe with some Jacaranda:


Went one cut too far when hollowing out my jacaranda bowl…

:man_shrugging: It’ll still make a nice dish.


You can use that hoop as a display stand.


Wow, didn’t know a smaller one that size could still turn a decent bowl, sweet.


It’s all about the distance from the bed to the headstock. The new one can handle a bowl up to 356mm diameter; the old one had about 400mm.

The reduced mass makes it a bit more prone to vibration when turning an unbalanced piece, but I could bolt it down to the bench if I needed to.


The other half of that bit of Jacaranda:


Spoonage after a soak in linseed oil:


Time to start prepping bird houses. Good for house finches, chickadees, and wrens. The design is such that you can get three birdhouses out of a single 1x6x8’ plank, with minimal cuts and waste.


Clearance sale at the electronics store. $3 for a 3W mono amp and not bad tiny speaker. Unlike other scavenged amps, these don’t have a problem with ground-loop feedback when playing audio from the same Pi that powers it. The white ones have a Bluetooth setting. I don’t know if I’ll need that, but why not?

This time I’ll try to leave one whole.


Camphor Laurel again:


Two more:


Now working on an African Olive breadknife. Not quite sure whether to contour & decorate the handle or just leave it plain.


(because Discourse won’t let me make three replies in a row; y’all gotta start making stuff if you want to see more bowls)

Knife finished:


I’ve been lurking on this thread for quite a while, I enjoy seeing all the cool things you all have been working on!
Now, I thought I share something of my own & who knows, maybe someone will have feedback on my design :man_shrugging:.

So, I’ve been growing edible mushrooms as a hobby for a while now (mainly Lion’s Mane & Oyster) & I guess I basically just got curious to see how much biomass of mycelium I could grow in liquid media. This is done on a commercial scale to produce mycelium used in supplements, food products & for metabolites that can be used in drugs. To do this I will need to meet a few criteria, mainly: sterile, oxygenated, temperature controlled and of course balanced growing media. The one thing I haven’t pegged down is a high temperature resistant filter to be used on the air intake & output.
ETA: this whole assembly gets sterilized in a pressure cooker.

This project is still in early the stages but I have purchased or have most of the hardware & have ordered the Polycarbonate filament that will be used to 3D print the mixer / impeller.

I’ll update with photos as it starts coming together


A couple more bowls.

Camphor Laurel:

Pistachio, half of it borer-marked:


Pistachio bowl, from the termite-killed tree that used to be in my front yard:

EDIT: once again, I am limited to no more than two posts in a row.

New cypress bowl: