Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?


Sold another bowl:

Also heading to Florida, although not to the same buyer.

Still working on the spoons:

Gotta get some more interesting looking green wood. The Pittosporum is okay for practice, but it doesn’t look like much.


Is your dad? :slight_smile:


Lathe is broken. Poot.

Back to spoons.


Christmas craft


Just sold this one to someone in Canada:


…and now a dude in Australia has bought these two:

Looks like the Christmas rush has hit.


I’m always impressed by the skill and artistry (and ambition) displayed here.

My own talents are more modest but I still enjoy faffing about with the odd project.

This is something I knocked together at my wife’s request. It’s essentially a prototype for a bigger version which I am supposed to make at some later date (so probably never…)



Make a bigger version and then burn it!


I could certainly see making a bigger version with the body and head out of something non-flammable and setting the antlers on fire.

Reindeer Fire by mostpato on DeviantArt.


My laptop is functioning again so I coloured this in Photoshop this afternoon while waiting in for parcels.


Feedback from a satisfied buyer:



Lathe is out of action until late January.



Big day for me. Today I finished the heat treatment on my first blade made from shop-made damascus. I started about two weeks ago with this lump, which is made from a bunch of spring steel rods (some of the rods are shown as well):

After much heating, pounding, and scraping, the lump began to take shape. Here it is with the groove being carved in:

And here it is today, right after being quenched and hardened:

Hopefully, it will polish nicely.


Congratulations! Looks great, looking forward to the next update.


Lathe is still broken, which is not good for my mental health.

But at least I just sold another bowl:


Hang in there.


I found myself with a little time on my hands today, so inspired by a conversation on here yesterday, here’s the 25% scale pic (digitally coloured, hand drawn).


Still drawing, day two. Another 25% scale digitally coloured, hand drawn image.


I finally got around to adding the square brass tubing to hold the PiCrate screen in place. The screws on the side have to go in a bit further, but the big-ass screwdriver is in the basement.

(The colors are actually Hack-a-day orange text on grey.)

Next thing to fix is nasty ground-loop feedback in the audio amp.


Finished the lump today. I ended up with a quasi-tanto design. I used black leather instead of rayskin, and the silk cord is left from previous projects. Fittings are copper and stainless steel.