Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?

Good luck with that. We got a 4-tier condo for our kittehs, and one of 'em still insists on jumping down from tier 3 with frightening regularity. I think she enjoys freefall.


I’m learning to develop my own film and building some bookcases this month, do those count?


My spouse and I assembled a storage headboard last night. It’s supposed to be freestanding but it’s not very stable, and I managed to drop it onto another box and break one of the doors when we were on the last couple of steps. Thankfully some glue and a clamp and the included touch-up pen fixed it.


Finally…someone who isn’t freaking perfect!!


This wasn’t my work, but my MIL has started customising dolls to make them look a little more lifelike. My son loves Mulan and was looking for a Chinese doll, so she repainted the face and made some clothes for the doll. The armour will come later, as that’s a bit more complex.


My most recently “completed” thing is this hat. Which was try six of knitting a hat. About to be try seven maybe. My idea of sewing the brim into the middle of the hat (not pictured) is structurally workable but looks bad. Also it seems the brim itself was a bad idea. :rabbit2:

While I figure out what to do with regards to hats, I’m practicing fair isle on a throw-away project. Which you can’t see because I haven’t gotten very far and it’s meant to be a throw-away project. lol


Hey! Welcome back, missed ya. I’d ask how you’ve been but obviously you’ve don’t want to talk about those five prior “hats”. :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah, let’s just say hats are a pain and leave it at that for the time being. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Note: I was “around” but dealing with mental health issues. Which I guess I always will be. It cuts out energy for extracurriculars sometimes though. I’m just happy I can nearly always bring myself to knit!)


Now I’m doubly grateful that you’re playing in the crafting thread.

This is an old post, so I don’t know if anyone will read or remember the context.

When I was playing music we practiced as a group every Thursday in a public location. Everyone knew it was practice, we were never loud, and 25% of the time was talking to locals that just walked in.

We became the most popular, sought after group in a town of tens of thousands of people. And we played archaic, weird, unknown music.

I guess what I’m saying is you are doing the right thing. Maybe we should start a, “best methods to Busk as an artist/musician/craftsman/etc” thread some day :smiley:


Was the hat knit in the round, or flat? What kind of yarn did you use?

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In the round on 5mm needles with Lions Brand Heartland Hot Springs.


My mother made me a hat for Christmas. I begged her not to, but it still happened.

As a hat maker on v6, I am sure you remember v1. Not only did I get v1, but I have a weird shaped head.

My heart goes out to hatters, milleners, cobblers, and the like. It is a difficult, tricky thing to make.

I swear fascinators must be easier, since they don’t actually have to fit. You pin them on.

Oh, why yes I do listen to and digest fashion :smiley:


OMG. I think I’m at least two more revisions away from foisting my hat design on anyone else. :rabbit2:


I love my parents, and I love thoughtful gifts… But holy hell, I’ll letcha take a picture of me but I ain’t wearing it in public :slightly_smiling:


BTW I really like the brim.


wow! that looks like some crazy clock-work monster: not an instrument!


We made vanilla grapefruit marmalade today to mixed results. It has a wonderful vanilla start, and it finishes on a great grapefruit flavor, but the transition between the two is odd.


This is not really a maker thing, but I decided to work on organizing my house a while back. We have a super tiny house from 1938 that was never really intended as a permanent living structure to begin with. There is a fair amount of storage but it’s all very awkward to access. Meantime, we have piles of stuff and we tend to just shuffle it around from one place to another. My hope is that sometime in the next year or two we will be moving, and when we do, I’d like to be able to show the place looking organized, and I know I won’t be able to do that on a tight schedule.

I’ve been using the information from this lady who I feel like I ought to find annoying but instead I find her really cute and great. She’s just such an organizing nerd. I love how she will take a long aside in her videos to exude over her favorite pen or why she loves this binder tab SOOOO much.

So far I’m making progress and after feeling like I totally failed at first I’m starting to feel like things are coming together. It still feels like a first draft and hopefully after I get the whole place together (one upside of a small home is that is an actual possibility) then I can start to sort through it all more and eliminate more things.


I’m wondering how a lavender might mix into that combo. Seems like you need some kind of mid note there between the soft vanilla and the sharp grapefruit.

Sounds like such an interesting blend.