Making espresso from a can of 1950 coffee beans

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It ended up being ground coffee, not beans. Not that whole beans would likely have been any better after 70 years. The mechanism for opening the sealed can was interesting, though. And seeing James Hoffmann react to bad drinks is always amusing.


There are so many people on Tumblr who will crave that coffee based on this description alone…

If it was ground coffee, how did they know it contained 1,950 coffee beans?


It would be interesting to see how long coffee could be stored under “ideal” conditions. If the beans were green, vacuum sealed and then kept in a freezer sub 0, could one have tasty espresso 40 years after the zombie apocalypse?

(Channeling @nedsfeed)
Who counted the 1950 beans, chief?

Before I decide what this means, I’d like to see his reaction to a brand new can of Maxwell House.


Here ya go (basically):

Would have to be the Nescafe counters that made sure there were 43 beans in every cup, which equals 45 cups of

With an excess of 15 beans, for the bean counters :grin:

The reaction to the coffee was about what I expected, but I also had to note that I think this was the first time I watched a video at x2 speed. Apparently James needs to drink more coffee because at x2, most of the video was still pretty slow! (Switched to x1.5 for some of the reaction and his speech at that point seems about normal.)

If you just want to jump to the fun part:

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