Mall cop fired after bringing gun to work and accidentally shooting other guard in arse


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I want to write the obligatory “This never would have happened if the other guard had been armed.” but can’t pick my forehead off the keyboard.


Is anyone else surprised that this is a fireable offense in America?


“Paul Blart 3: Blart Goes Gangsta”



Word of warning, @beschizza: someone is bound to try revoking your citizenship if you keep spelling “ass” that way.


We really need some antidiscrimination laws, don’t we? Also, advocating for gun control is a hate crime.


To be fair, the other guard’s behind looked black.


But now if the other guys ass had been armed…


He was only a mall cop, not an actual cop, though.


Is it?


And yet the cop who tried to shoot an autistic man, missed and hit his caretaker, is still employed.

TIL mall cops are more accountable than regular cops.



Not that I doubt you. I am almost certain that someone did exactly that in the US. If I searched, I would probably find a whole bunch, and wonder which particular one you meant. It’s more for the looks of the thing, you understand? :slight_smile:


I thought of this one seeing ActionAbe’s comment


Yep. Cops can’t be trusted with guns. We really ought to make them learn how to use their words, instead of attempting to kill their problems solved.


I shouldn’t, but I’m laughing my “ass” of over here!



Rob, you live near the Ross Park Mall? Why don’t you move someplace cooler, like Homewood?


Thanks for fixing the article. Guns don’t “just discharge” when you are loading them. He was fooling around with it.


“I shot that boy Mike-Mike in his hind parts is all”