Mall shootings a marketing opportunity for unique, fascinating store


What a really odd thing to say.

Also I think their Phacops is a Fakeops

They were actually shot at a Zumiez, the Fire&Ice is at the other side of the mall. WashPost

To her defense: there had been shooting near her workplace and now she was suddenly on nation-scale live tv-program. Maybe the stress just caused her brain to blurt out some memorised marketing speech the moment her store was mentioned.


Is there really any right answer to the blind-side street interview?

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If it’s Wolf Blitzer, the right answer is “Aren’t you the guy who got crushed on Celebrity Jeopardy by Andy Richter?”


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Used to live in Columbia - every story on this shooting is just grating on me. Also, Fire and Ice is really a cool store but her promo was def ill timed.

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For Wolf, the right answer is, “I’m actually an atheist.”


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