Malware in EU attack linked to British and U.S. intelligence agencies


Anyone know what language this is written in? I’m not clicking that link for a big clock.

English. Somewhat technical but still English.

Important problematics. Of course it is getting no attention, no discussion… and the “soft” problems that are more about feelings than about analysis and things that can actually be done suck away ALL THE COMMENTS.

Disheartening world…

Hahaha, sorry. What computer language the source code is written in

The one shown in the screenshot is a x86 assembler - a disassembled beginning of a memory segment.

I assume the items for download are “live” binaries. Don’t execute these unless you know what you are doing.

The long hexadecimal strings are hashes of the files. If you find a file with the same hash on your machine, you probably have a problem.

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