Malware popup warning

In the last 15 minutes or so i’ve had two popups from my virus scanner warning about a threat being blocked when perusing some bbs threads. The URL it gives is, anyone else seeing this or it being overly sensitive? I’m pretty sure it popped up in magical history tour and the ongoing gallery of trump-inspired assholes.

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Just the usual trackers for me.


Hmm the problem for me seems to be coming from the splcenter domain, i just tried going there and had the same warning and some threads do contain links to that site.


Ads are narrowly targeted to specific users nowadays, which may be why only you are seeing it.

If you report it to Freestar using their tool, it can nab your cookie (which has your ID in it), which lets them see what who won the auctions for you, and what ads you were shown, which should allow them to find who the malicious provider is and block them.


Thing is i don’t see ads for precisely the risk of this happening but saying that, it could still be an ad issue you think?

ETA: I’m thinking this could well be a false positive but it’s interesting that putting the pantheon URL in my first post into VirusTotal returns just one malicious detection.

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