Man afraid of Tasmanian Devil cartoon has father-in-law arrested for teasing him with a Taz wig

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his father-in-law teased him by waving a Taz-like toupee and snarling at him

What for you do that to him?!


I got a flu shot the other day and they put a Taz bandaid on me. Monsters!


Two years ago I was the Joker at my kids trunk or treat, and a lady across from us was silently freaking out a as the Joker scared her since she was a kid.


The father-in-law clearly knew about it, and it was serious enough that the son was able to get a restraining order. This seems like more than “teasing” to me. And really even if the f-in-l didn’t believe it was that serious, why would you do that at a funeral for pete’s sake?


The contempt charge makes it clear he was previously ordered not to harass his son-in-law. This is probably not an isolated event, and I’ll even bet the cops have been called more than once before.


You wanna see something REALLY scary?

really scary

I could swear some movie had a live action puppet Tasmanian Devil that whirled and growled menacingly, maybe there was an imitation Tasmanian Devil on one of the Gremlin movies.

There’s this, but that’s not him:

Actual Tasmanian Devils are about the size of a rabbit. Maybe the gentleman in question could be helped out by exposure to the real thing?

Father-in-law seems like a real dick.


I hope the guy goes to fucking jail. Consistently taking pleasure is exploiting the vulnerabilities of other men is another expression of the same toxic bullshit that produces sexual harrassment in such volumes. Trump bragging about rape is “locker room talk?” unfortunately, in many ways, yes. That one motherfucker who has no boundaries and lives to constantly prove dominance to their own fragile ego is why a lot of boys and men fucking hate the locker room. Don’t like being bodily intimidated or violated? stop being a pussy, and get on with ritualized toxic manhood. Ugh. seriously. do not pass go.


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