Man allegedly drugged on "Cloud 9" repeatedly headbutts a bus window

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Nothing a drunk wont do


This video makes me sad.

Here is a baby fox that likes tummy rubs:


cloud-based bus service are a bad idea.

5 Likes is a hell of a drug!


I think the woman in the first part of the clip is even scarier.


This is how I expect the zombie apocalypse to start.

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Waiiiit wait wait. A spokesman for the DEA is debunking myths? Does Sessions know about this?


Wait a minute, he’s not doin’ fine… The Temptations lied to me!

I’ve enjoyed this site for years, but never commented,

This post makes me sad.

It’s porn.

It’s “Hey, look at this guy. He’s so fucked up - omg what fuck is wrong with this guy haha look at this weird guy. But here’s a link to a ‘serious’ article about the cause. Except it explains nothing, but Holy Shit look at this guy’s weird behavior.”-porn.

This person needs help, and he’s a human - humans deserve aid, not ridicule for money. I hope you devote your ad revenue to helping folks who experience similar travesties of existence.


I felt personally offended by the statements in that paragraph.

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Marijuana- accept no substitutes!


Actually, this is more of a public service Announcement. First, when someone at some nice rave-type festival offers “Clould 9”, readers now know to say “um, thanks but no”. Secondly, it’s a great reminder that this is what happens because of our “war on drugs”. Those drugs that are popular because the experience is generally very positive and the costs (health, risk of “bad trip”, etc) are generally very low, become schedule 1 - so the Heisenbergs out there make weird, new analogs that are legal, but just fry your brain… If drugs were legalized, then the awful ones like “cloud 9” would gone, because given a choice, people generally make decisions in their best interest.


Where can I get some of THAT? So cool. I want to bust my skull open while hallucinating!

Obviously he didn’t get the batch that gives you the super-powers to nut a bus and win.

Relying on the DEA to tell you what any given “street name” means is not the best use of your time.

If the DEA told me table salt was sodium chloride": I’d still want an independent assay.


Certainly no drunk I’ve ever seen. And I like to think I’ve seen my fair share.

I’ve actually seen a lot of different and interesting behavior of people on many different substances, but I’ve never seen anything the likes of these crazy synthetics in these videos.

Still trying to decode BB categorization: Not a “gentleman”, and not a “fellow”, but a “man”.

Gentleman robs teller using hot dog as weapon. Fellow slips on banana peel and does backflip. Man robbed with a hot dog?

I think “Gentleman” usually means “mostly harmless, but being an ass”, so it won’t generally be applied to someone who’s had the misfortune to be poisoned as a casualty of the drug war.

It might get applied to someone who’s super-drunk, as long as they don’t seem to be a danger to themselves or others.

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