Man arrested after grabbing cleaner's mop and aggressively mopping her shoes


That’s my mop!

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Since the Daily Star is an even less credible news source than the Daily Mail (unbelievable but disturbingly true), here’s the Huffington Post article.

Should be “aggressively mopping HER shoes”… not only corrects the factual error, but also clears up an amibiguity - he wasn’t mopping his own shoes, he was mopping the cleaner’s. I was a bit sympathetic towards him from the headline (sometimes a guy just needs to clean his shoes!)… less so after reading the full story, where he seemingly badgers a low-wage employee for not doing things to his satisfaction.


Speaking for myself, I have never done this.

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There once was a mopper aggressive
Her shoes he made quite a mess of
his scrubbing was quick
and so he got nicked
And now the floors have so much less love


“second-degree threatening” ???

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Really, boingboing? The Daily Star? Is this what you’re doing now?

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HuffPo just aggregated the story, and at a glance, they look like word for word copies. I think you’re either assigning too much credibility to HuffPo, or not enough to the Daily Star (my bet is on the former).

The Daily Star has no credibility! What it does have is a reputation for making stories up, and the linked article had no references.

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