Man blocks car exhaust


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LOL. It’s like an old bugs bunny cartoon.


This kinda’ reminds me of '80s Russian movies but with more LOLz


Is this something diesel engines do?


I used to shave carbine tools for a sharpening company. Wait until he blows/picks his nose.


Also, I experienced instant image association watching the second one.

Car exhaust glove balloon —> Akira


Came to this thread looking for that comparison, was not disappointed :thumbsup:


Car idiot here.

Is that the soot(?) coating the inside of the tail pipe coming out because he blocked it for a few seconds and it built up pressure or something to clean it out?

Or… (please tell me is isn’t) – is that the normal amount of black shit that’s spewing out of a diesel exhaust all the time, just concentrated in this instance over a few seconds?


I could be wrong about this, and hopefully a person better with engines will correct me, but I think if the exhaust system is blocked you screw up the air fuel mix and everything burns much dirtier. So no, a normal running car isn’t putting that much soot out. A car with a messed up system will.

I am sure you have been on the rode and seen a truck that is putting out smoke, and you notice it because it is weird and most trucks don’t put out smoke.


Yes, the kind they don’t play anymore because he starts singing “Mammy”.


I think it’s an Audi thing.
if (idiot_nearby) then (pollute)


ETA: The Phantom Menace is of course awful.



Uh - no, there are still a lot of old cartoons where something blows up in their face, like a gun or a bomb that has nothing to do with that.


You hear about the man with five penises?

His pants fit him like a glove.


Yes, this is exactly correct. If the fuel/air mixture isn’t right an engine will burn much dirtier and produce clouds of black smoke… this effect has lead to certain individuals modifying their diesels to purposefully produce those big clouds of black smoke. The effect is referred to as “rolling coal”.


Yeah, I was thinking more along the lines of a Tex Avery cartoon (e.g. Tom and Jerry).

(Side note: When I lived in New York, I noticed that some T&J cartoons had these weird plot jumps, almost as though something had been omitted. After I moved to Texas, I figured it out pretty quick.)


Also known as, “Dude, where did my gas mileage go?”


Did they put a crosshairs on the ground to help the guy line his face up with the exhaust?


Just look at the proper way to do this.




In the UK it’s known as “Failed MOT”, “Not roadworthy” and “£1000 fine”