Man builds 'Nutty Bar' for squirrels with 7 types of nuts on tap

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Local gardeners: Thanks (not) for increasing the local tree rat population!


Why glue and nail gun? (Doesn’t look good for the glue, does it?)

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Liked - but up to a point. Yes they are tantamount to vermin in some places. but they are also territorial**. Killing one merely opens up a space for a new one to move in. I wonder how many squirrels he’ll actually attract.

** Hmm - opinions vary

From here


Squirrels are highly territorial and vocal. They are especially noisy during mating season, and they generally breed twice a year. Some species of squirrels may claim as much as 10 hectares of territory. Because of the high density of squirrels in most habitats, there is sometimes significant territory overlap.

But from here re UK grey squirrels…

Squirrels are diurnal, usually with peaks of activity in the early morning and late afternoon. They are not territorial, but share home ranges and temporally abundant food sources.


That squirrel has clearly been over-served!

Video link for the BBS


Nice, but what’s the point of the signs? Squirrels can’t read.

Or can they?


He has a lot of skill and the art work is great but no way I could afford one. I loved the restroom sign too! That was an inspired touch.

Never met a squirrel that can’t read!


So, within 5 minutes of the opening, the first squirrel arrives, systematically gathers all nuts from the bar and caches them. Squirrel bar is now closed.

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