Man charged of airport bomb threat says he was just asking about his Mumbai BOM-DEL status


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MUM is already taken by Mumias , Kenya.


And the worst part was, he missed his flight!




Besides it would create whole new set of misunderstandings :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(Oh and by the way it’s kinda prescriptivist to just say the city is “now called” Mumbai, that’s the official and Marathi name, but southerners still call it Bombay.)


Airport codes are as conservative as the rest of aviation. Beijing is still called PEK.


“man charged of”??!!? I think you mean “charged with”. Are your proofreaders taking the day off?


But Peking is still a valid Romanization of 北京 using the Wide Giles system, even if the PRC government adopted pinyin as its official Romanization system decades ago.

Meanwhile, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) and Louisville International (SDF) haven’t been called Moisant Field or Standiford Field for a very long time, while Sioux City still SUX.



I’d rather not carry water for Shiv Sena.


Somebody set us up the MUM.


Just another skirmish in the American ‘War on Prepositions’



And O’Hare hasn’t been called ORD’are (or whatever) for a while now either.


Even if they did say that a bomb went off - that still isn’t how threats work. So much for your prosecution!


I carried a few Gunn oscillators to the South Pole with me a couple weeks ago, to be installed on the Event Horizon Telescope receiver. I was very careful to say “millimeter wave oscillators” instead of “Gunns” to the nice TSA man.


That sounds very cool. I wish I could do that sort of stuff.

The closest I came was one time in the back blocks of Malaysia we bought a bamboo dart gun, without poison.

On entering Australia we were pre-filtered by a customs guy to go direct to the bag check. I explained what we had in detail but once we got to the bag check it turned into I’ve been told you have a gun, do you want to explain that?


I suppose that’s a time when you want to say “blowpipe” instead of “blowgun.” Kind of wondering if your customs guy was trying to see if your bag checker would freak out.


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