Man claims he don't take no orders from no women


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Welcome to June 2012


A compelling demonstration of the value of a man’s morally upright and reason-anchored headship as a mode of benevolent protection for the irrational weaker sex. Clearly. We’d probably all be lost in a haze of our muddled emotions without everyday heroes like that.


I don’t take no orders from no women…
…so, he takes orders from women?

I don’t take no orders == I do take orders.
From no women == he takes orders, but it doesn’t exclude women.

I think this is a fairly progressive attitude :imp:


I know it was 2012. But I still really hope he ended up in front of a judge who is a woman, who then proceeds to order him to do lots of things.

I wonder how much his misogyny is worth to him. Compared with all the fun things our legal system can do to people.


Tonight, a Very Special episode of Judge Judy…


It’s dickweeds like this guy who kind of make me wish tar and feathering and running people out of town on a rail were still doable.


Ok, that guy’s a turd, but if someone dumped a bunch of wood on the street like that near someone’s house in Alaska, it would be like ‘Free firewood!’ It’s funny how geographic context matters.


No shit! I mean, this guy’s a complete tool, but that looks to be a few years worth of free firewood. Haul Toolio away, but leave the timber for me please :fire:


If a woman placed an order to have some lumber moved, would he take that order?



“It’s not clear whether he will be fined or arrested.” Or given his own reality show.


At this rate he could go for the Presidency.


A quadruple inverse negative! That old boy sure talks fancy!


Does he take fast food orders from them?

Apparently he is from Mars. We really need more mental health services on Mars.


I honestly had to think about how to parse it. And I still may have gotten it wrong :slight_smile:


Maybe he’s a Ghostbusters fan and was trying to come up with his own catchphrase to pay homage to “I ain’t afraid of no ghost.”


To bolster your theory, I posit that there is something strange, in his neighborhood. Something weird, and it don’t look good.


Too soon! :stuck_out_tongue:


I stopped at Detroit.