Man crushed by trash compactor while looking for cell phone


Ask for help? You callin me a sissy? Here, hold my beer…


I think there are a lot of people who simply don’t know that trash is compacted.


This. I can’t even imagine how terrified you’d be.


Maybe some British style nightmare fuel PIFs are needed for emphasis.


Back when minimum-wage was $2.65 an hour, my dad managed to get me a summer job at a pallet factory that paid $8 an hour. I was 15, physically small, and working the evening shift with men twice my age.

One night the fire alarm connected to the 3-story dust extractor went off. I was sent into the feed duct to investigate. I crawled along the narrow sheet metal tunnel with a flashlight. Hearing rapping on the outside of the duct, I shimmied my way back. Before I could extricate myself, hands grabbed my ankles and yanked me out. I stood up to see two firemen. One of them said, “What the fuck are you doing in there?” To which I could only gesture around at the assembled workers and say, “They sent me …”.

I quit after three weeks of nail gun fights and close calls with giant cross-cut saws spitting 2x4s past my head. A week later I was happily pumping gas at a third the wage.


If the dust had gone off you could have killed somebody flying like a cannonball out of that duct.


Sometimes machinery assumes Mother Natures job.


When I studied architecture we had an afternoon with a site safety inspector who just showed endless 70s and 80s site safety vids. They were all like this, including one where a kid goes on to a site to get his lost football, and gets buried in a trench.

If there’s one thing I learned from these vids, it’s that playing football is inherently dangerous.


Some are, but a lot aren’t.


Or verses … and game levels!


Now show us the one with the kite and the power lines, that’s my favourite :smiley:


This one?


I swear Back to the Future stole the flaming tyre tracks from that film.


But these were being shown between children’s television shows. I think the aim was to give kids PTSD so bad they would never go near power lines and substations.


Lonely water was my particular favourite, starring Donald Pleasence


I remember a couple we were shown in grade school in the early 70s, one about playing around train tracks (which IIRC tried to suggest putting pennies on the track could derail a train), and another about school bus safety (which depicted a kid getting run over by the school bus).


Possibly the same one we were shown some years earlier, in about grade 1 or 2. The little girl who lost her hands to the train wheels still haunts me. She would be a grandmother now. I hope she has found love and meaning in her life despite her handicap.

“Red nail polish: it makes your hands look so grown up.”


Whereas we had a kid back then in school who got hurt so often, including RTAs, that he was pretty much a walking safety warning; “Don’t do what Sam did!”

He’s fine, miraculously.




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