Man decides not to crush caterpillar after noticing it had a human face


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Looks like Poe:


Jesus shaved!


Might as well face it, he’s addicted to love.


You beat me to it:


Saved by reverse speciesism!


Wikipedia doesn’t have a picture :frowning:


I thought so as well. Glad I wasn’t the only one. Pareidolia for the win!


I was thinking Lech Walesa.


Normally this is the part of the story where the creature in question offers to grant the protagonist one or more wishes.


I thought so too!


Yep, that was the first face I ‘saw’ - based on that same photo, too. :wink:

The sad part was that his first thought was to crush it…


I’m interested to see where this goes, as humans selectively don’t squish bugs with human faces, then select for certain facial features, etc.
Edit: I see this concept was already covered by the Heikegani wikipedia link. Though I was thinking more along the lines of tiny fuzzy bipedal humanoids…


“Joe, is that you? Did someone turn you into a caterpillar? I told you not to tease the lady down the block in the gingerbread house!”

Seriously though, natural selection at work saving caterpillars from old men with squishing canes.

What kind of caterpillar is going to be the first thing this guy is going to ask god when he gets to heaven?
I think I’d probably go for something more like: “WTF? Why didn’t you do anything about all the suffering children, diseases, cancer, wars, parasites, viruses? That worm that can only live in childrens eyes making them go blind, that was pretty f*cked up dude! If you don’t mind can I go to that other place with all the musicians, drugs, and fun people!”


Came here to say this.


I don’t understand people sometimes. Kill an arthropod with a face and you feel like crap. Eat mammal meat when you’re not really hungry, and it doesn’t cross your moral barometer.


Yes! My immediate thought: it’s The Poe Bug. There’s a story in there, somewhere.


My first thought was “destroy the pods”.


I see Gregor Samsa’s face.