Man dies after being run over by WWII tank on Jelly Belly chairman's property

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I suspect that is supposed to read “1944 M5 tank” And sitting on the front of a tank when it is moving is exactly as stupid as sitting on the hood of a car when it is moving, for exactly the same reason.


Assuming the article is correct in identifying the tank, it’s the M3 Stuart that squished the unfortunate rider. So the picture in the article is incorrect, as it is a picture of the 1960s British self propelled artillery FV433 Abbot.


And the TV news report called it an armored truck while showing a picture of what looked to me to be a truck with tracks. So, who knows…


The aristocrats!


I’m impatient today, so I’m going to skip ahead about 73 comments and jump straight to the inevitable reply:

Because when tanks are outlawed, only outlaws will have tanks.


“Some of us have plenty of legitimate uses for a tank!”

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The chairman of Jelly Belly has a bunch of tanks? …Jelly Belly and Tanks in the same sentence is causing me some cognitive dissonance.


Never having successfully unlinked Jelly Belly from Ronald Reagan, the association with tanks just kinda made sense for me. (Though I didn’t think of why before you mentioned it.)


“If it weren’t for those tank grabbers in Washington!”

Corporate warfare is very real. Can’t let those bastards at Brach get the upper hand.


Wow… Dick Chaney only shoots them in the face.


Why? Both are sweet.

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Tanks are pretty handy recovery vehicles, for example.

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Daang. I recently got home from my family reunion and the most exciting thing that happened was the cake.

My family is (relatively) boring, though there have been times I have been thankful that some of us didn’t have access to heavy weaponry.

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Some tanks are relatively safe to sit on, but the M5…

The front of that thing is so steep it doesn’t even register to me as a potential seating platform, even when it’s not bouncing around going downhill.

EDIT: I was reading from the RSS feed and so didn’t see Mark’s update. The M5 Tractor:

Doesn’t seem to have a good place to sit on the front of either. This example is bare-bones, though; Rowland’s might be more accessorized.

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