Vivienne Westwood drives a tank to David Cameron's house


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Drove past this on its way back to base, on the B4525


Send her over to America too - plenty of fracking proponents here who could stand to hear that message!


she must have had some sort of special permission to drive a tank on roads designed for rubber wheeled vehicles…


she’s a little bit late for the party - large chunks of the island are already fracking areas


The Scorpion tanks have rubber treads.


[picture of a road with a sign of pavement biting a tank, and text “Don’t thread on me!”]

[edit: would also work with an antitank mine]


In its majestic equality, the law permits rich and poor alike to
protest fracking in their residential areas by driving their tanks to the prime minister’s house.


###From the article

###From the US Geological Survey


Tanks can be equipped with rubber treads or tread covers for riding on roads. Otherwise they’d have to re-pave every time there was a military parade.


Why does this video of rural England conclude with a pleasant view of the San Francisco skyline from The Mission’s Dolores Park?


That’s a sandwich if I ever saw one.


In vastly higher quality, too.


Bad parenting?

A thread to catalog all the other threads

At this other unrelated British tank protest, “Police have said it was legal to drive a tank in the street provided the driver had the appropriate licence and insurance.” (That one looks like it has rubber treads too.)


She’s not driving the tank. She’s riding on it.


So… this is a tank but the tanks the police have in St Louis aren’t tanks. Got it.


This is the same Vivienne Westwood who doesn’t pay tax by having a Luxembourg corporation “license” her her to use her own name ?

This is a publicity stunt by someone trying to sell dresses, not a political protest.


The turret looks like it is from a Scorpion but the chassis…perhaps a FV432? Also with rubber inserts on the treads…Which are pretty common these days since they both reduce wear on the roads AND are cheaper to replace than the metal parts of the treads…


even one percenters like Vivienne Westwood have to use cheaper substitutes of the real thing? a shame, I blame Corbyn.