Man drives flattened car to repair center


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Mmmmmm… wrong video. That had nothing to do with a flattened car.


OK, wasn’t just me then. There was a definite lack of automobiles in the posted video.



Probs because i’m at work but i got a Secure Connection Failed on the vidfailed


No car video. Me sad.


More like Daily Stationary, amirite?


Tracked it down on dailymotion’s site, maybe this works.



@frauenfelder your video link goes to the wrong video.
@orenwolf ccing you just cause that seems to work better. (No clue what the actual video link is though)

Looks like @stinkinbadgers has it.


I hope that guy had good insurance.


Seems to be good now. Thanks for the heads-up folks!


Seems like he was trying to make it into a convertible, and couldn’t quite get the top off, figured if he bashed it sufficiently, it’d pop right off.


That’s one weird looking skateboard.


Well, I’d say he’s no Gentleman




See also:


There’s just no way that filming this in landscape would have made it any better, he said while gnashing his teeth.


I’m amazed that you can drive it still. Well, sort of, anyway.


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