Photo of SUV stuck in treetops makes China internet viral rounds


In America we do it with style and red sports cars!


guessing there’s a steep hill or mountain just to the photographer’s left with a switchback road on it.

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I’m thinking it’s more likely viral marketing.

No dents, no broken windows, no broken trees, and perfectly upright…that’s better odds than winning the lottery.

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Maybe it grew there?


Several points to consider:

  1. The bottoms of the tires are flattened like it was sitting on the driveway.
  2. Springs in all four wheels are compressed. The wheels are not hanging free.
  3. There’s an obvious stitch line an inch or so below the car.
  4. There is no obvious support for the vehicle, and none of the trees show strain.
    IMHO, obvious fake, but nice picture.

Agreed. There is literally nothing underneath it. Just a pretty bad photoshop.

I’m calling Mythbusters on this one.

I am entirely confused as to why anyone likes that movie.

It is being held up by pixels and the fervent belief that pageviews are important.

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Does anyone see the straps attached to the tires? The car is obviously being hoisted or am I stating the obvious?

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seems like a viral marketing campaign no broken branches no obvious damage to the car…easy to use a crane to hoist the car into the trees…

Check my edit below… this is legit.

While this certainly looks like a dodgy photoshop viral thing, I’m not entirely convinced it is yet. There are no obvious signs of photoshop editing in that picture but the most curious things are: the supposed lack of damage to the car, the seeming lack of any effect the car is having on the trees that are supposedly supporting it and the fact that the wheels, when not supporting the car, usually drop down lower than normal.

The things that are making me question whether this is something that happened or not are the fact that various sites claim to know where, when and to whom this happened. Viral bullshit doesn’t normally have any of those things.

According to various Chinese news sites (like this one, for example or many more easily findable by google hk) this happened on June 30 in Wenzhou Jingshan Park North Gate intersection near Wenzhou City Zoo in the Zhejiang Province. They say the driver’s last name is ‘Pan’ and he’d parked the car on a hill and neglected to put on the handbrake. The area is certainly mountainous enough for something like this to happen (here’s a panorama near the area). I still find it hard to believe because: why is there only one photo of this? Strange for something viral and supposedly fake to have so many details attached to the story.

Edit: HA! there is a full story, second picture and an infographic here:

PS: My skills as a researcher are available for rent :wink:


You sir, are good… anthony has it.

The photo people are all calling fake on is the car being craned out of there. There are the straps:


These Chinese SUVs are noted for very low gearing.

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The straps were the first thing I saw! Really obvious!

Simple explanation: someone parked on top of an acorn.

The knee-jerk skepticism of this crowd has completely over-looked (well not completely, but I like hyperbole.) the fact that this picture shows the vehicle being removed from it’s inadvertent nest. Yeah, straps. This picture is the AFTER. We don’t see the BEFORE. Don’t be fooled by missing information. Allow that you may be mis-understanding or mis-informed. I know it’s hard, but it is important.

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