Car repo fail


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Is there a video or link? I’m just seeing a grainy image…


Nope. Just looks like a grainy photo to me, too.


The life of a repo man in always intense.

Too intense for moving pictures.


That’s the fail that was promised in the title.


(as of now, Mark has not posted the video link yet)
Here you go:
Edit: The link above seems to be broken now, here’s another one with sound:


I’m getting a 404

We’ve broken down
Our mechanics are on the case.


I’m chilling right now.


Well that was a “fuck this job” moment if i’ve ever seen one.


Not a repo job, just a regular moron mechanic.


I’ll bet it’s tricky, driving on those rampy things. But if it’s your job, you better know the trick.


I applaud his sticktoitiveness.


A true work of art right there. I was hoping to hear the tires popping at the end, but alas, 'twas not to be.


Almost as cringeworthy as the guy who decided he was going to do burnouts in the Corvette he had just bought and instead fried his clutch.


I wouldn’t want that car back.


I’m just gonna sit here to your left


Uh, dude. You attach a cable to the car & pull it up the ramp. You don’t drive it.

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