Man finds large brain wrapped in foil on beach




Its obviously not Fry’s brain.


Doctors finding many ways of wrapping brains in metal trays to keep us from the heat?



Its an Asian delicacy, usually sheeps brain. Pity that Google is still biased on this subject towards crazy Orientalist myths about eating live monkey brains.


Deep fried brains and (the difference between a bull and an ox) with artichokes. Typical Italian food.
From the photo the brain size is unclear, if it was ox brain the explanation is that someone has lost part of the ingredients. The strange thing is the Chinese newspaper. If it was a pink “Gazzetta dello Sport” newspaper was some Italian cook that had lost it…


Actually very British and French as well.

Sheep’s brain recipe:

Skin the membrane from the brain and remove the spinal connection and discard.

Make an egg wash with smooth Dijon mustard, lightly dust brains with flour, egg wash and crumb.

Shallow fry brains in butter, oil and capers until golden brown.

Serve on a chiffonade of spinach, the buttery caper sauce will wilt the greens.

Bon appetit!


From what I understand, Plains Indians used buffalo brains to tan the hides. Something about the fat content and other chemicals make it ideal for that.

It’s really interesting how some of us are appalled at the idea of eating X, while thinking nothing about eating Y, where X and Y are various types of animals and their respective parts. For whatever reason, most of us in the US are skittish about organ meats. Probably because we eat a LOT of meat compared to most other cultures and so can afford to be picky about it. We have gotten used to that…and to paraphrase Clausewitz - we don’t think too much about what’s in our sausage.

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Sorry but had to…well somebody literately lost their mind! (tastes like chicken)

This could pass for Beat Poetry/Music!

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Um… not that, but the thing the dick goes into.

Fuck this shit. I want trains.

This is from a restaurant in Janesville, Wisconsin. (Which isn’t all that far from Racine, so I don’t think this was a coincidence!) Of course we had to stop there for lunch. The food was pretty good, as I recall.

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It’s freaky good!


Wow. What a find. Thanks.

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