Man fined $190 for not putting a leash on his pet snake, Lucy


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“Snakes fall under the same restrictions as cats and dogs”

Most snakes are not sprinters, nor do they bark at passerby WHY IS THIS EVEN A THING?


I needz a photoshop.


But a snake is the only pet that IS its own leash.



“Snake on a Leash” doesn’t just sound like a song, but it sounds like a good song.


A properly fitted leash limits the size of child the snake can swallow. Infants should be securely fastened to a car seat or similar large object.


At least it wasn’t a parakeet.


I searched for snake leash but the free market let me down. :snake:


Lasso that danger noodle else we’ll ticket you!


In an alternate universe I saw Danger Noodle play at a punk club in the 80’s before they went mainstream.



I really did search (why not) and found a variety snake themed leashes. But no leashes for snakes. I was kind of expecting one one to show up on Etsy just as a gag gift.


And who exactly will be in charge of deciding which park of the snake constitutes the neck, thereby ensuring correct leashing…?!


I mean, you could put a mandible component on the leash but snek can still just… go backwards.


I guess the rule is that its a pet and its supposed to be restrained.


I have a pet reptile.
I don’t walk around the park with it. It’s weird.



I have a friend who used to have a very large monitor lizard that he’d walk sometimes on a leash.

The thing was terrifying. He’d feed it live mice at first (which it swallowed whole), until it got big. Then he switched to feeder rats.


Feeling like a snake on a leash (You wanna see the grass)
Feeling like I have no release (So do I)
How many times have I climbed up the trees (You wanna see the leaves)
Nothing in my life is free, is free