Man fixes crossing light


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Why am I laughing?


Is the frogurt also cursed?


It’s a setup.

If you look carefully you will see the pole is propped up by another stick at its base. When the guy poked the pole he shifted it enough that the stick fell away. That is why the pole fell over.

this was rigged to make a mess.


Only with purchase of a doll, which is required to buy frogurt.


this falls into the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” category.


Proof of meta-humans living among us.


I love how at the end of the gif he drops the stick, brushes off his hands, and says “Yep, done my good deed for the d…” CRASH


Wreck-It Ralph and Fix It Felix Jr. had a kid.


Eh, the thing stay broke, now it stay broke more. Boddah you?


But it already wa… um, yah, you’re right.


He has the Fecal Touch. It’s like the Midas Touch, but different.


Yes, but it comes with a free topping.


It’s not completely broken. After being poked the crossing light did make it partway across the street.


The best part was how subtle his reaction was when it fell.


Reminds me of my cat.


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