Man From Mars Radio Hat



I’m guessing the battery doesn’t fit in the hat.

Aw man, if somebody doesn’t kickstart this or get something into production quickly for sale on ThinkGeek, I may have to do so myself.


If it comes in a tin-foil style, I’m in.


Woman from Mars, too!

Possible evidence for a gender specific time dilation: The Man from Mars looks like an 1849 gold prospector, yet the Woman from Mars seems like a late 1940s cutie. *** Note added in edit: Oops - that’s not a '49’er … it’s Santa Claus! ***

( 1S5 pentode rf detector 3V4 is tetrode audio amplifier, No rf stage, but the big loop antenna probably makes up for this. The batteries aren’t in the hat (note the twisted pair going over the shoulder of the cutie in the color photo)

“Works fine” - Now, there’s a stellar endorsement. Makes me wonder if there was anything else completing the sentence afterwards.

“Works fine, but the carton of eggs nearby spontaneously broke open and started cooking on the counter.”


I was hoping for “also makes julienne fries”.

from Life Magazine, June 6, 1949, page 155:
Two-tube set plays fine, but looks ridiculous

The odd radio contraion shown here is the latest and silliest contribution to listeners who feel compelled to hear everything on the air - a set you can wear on your head. Its visible parts - two tubes, an earphone, a tuning knob, an antenna, and a pocket battery - are presumably responsible for its name, “The Man from Mars Radio Hat”. … These pictures were taken when the hat went on sale and graphically illustrate the kind of reception it got. Fro women who may be unnerved by the look of these sets, more ladylike radio hats are already being designed, involving ribbons and feathers. … The volume can be controlled by turning either the curcular antenna, the tuning knob, or one’s head."radio%20hat"&pg=PA155#v=onepage&q="radio%20hat"&f=true


I prefer the modern version:


I’m just glad there’s absolutely no possible way that we can ever know the full extent of the quote, so our imaginations can fill that blank space endlessly. Just like hoping for a fourth Indiana Jones movie or a sequel to The Matrix, if it actually happened it could never meet the potential inherent in the concept.

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And if you sweat too much you short out those tube coonnectors and induce self inflicted shock treatment. Ah, the fun we had back in those days.


Biofeedback leads to sweat-control.

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Perhaps this is how India managed such a low budget for their Mars mission…

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What’s this federal tax on radios? Did such a thing really exist?

That’s what I was thinking. Then I figured you must have to wear it while standing next to an outlet.

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It’s actually kind of of the opposite of a tinfoil hat. It tries to get you as much alien government brainwashing signal as possible.


Ridiculous. We’d They’d never do that. It’s just a nice, stylish and convenient way to listen to music and interesting commentary. At all times. Especially when you sleep.

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It’s really not really much of a Martian radio hat…
Now, this is a Martian Radio Hat:


On Mars they wear pith helmets? Who knew?

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the battery goes on the belt, it is large pack; note the battery wire leading from the hat.
this is a family heirloom, one not to be messed around and only to be worn to church on sundays.