Man has best day ever


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Double rainbow!!!


Mr. “Best Day Ever” can do voiceover for my dog whenever I pull a new squeaky toy from an Amazon box


New Hampshire. Why am I not surprised?


When did thinking that you get to watch someone get murdered become the best day ever?


For once it’s not Florida


This song is appropriate:


Certainly not when you have to watch it vertically. I’d feel a bit sorry for the wife only adult in the vehicle, but she did shoot in portrait, so…


Bro, you won’t believe what I saw on the way home from Wrestlemania…


What a difference, huh? Marveling at the wonder and beauty of nature versus thrilled to watch senseless human violence.

I know which one I would consider the “real man” out of the two.


So when are we getting blog mode fixed again so that we don’t need to fullscreen the videos?


sounded like chris pratt :slight_smile:


Are the rainbows fighting?!


I still don’t see how this is actually a problem.



This one here’s even better:

(But honestly, the majority of people now watch videos on their phones. When the playback is smart enough to eliminate the stupid mailboxing, vertical videos are fine. Unfortunately YouTube is stupid.)


Seen it. Doesn’t mean it matters or is actually a problem.

(I grew up with LaserDiscs on NTSC TVs with letterboxing. I recall that some folk preferred the full screen experience. This is basically the same argument, only stupider.)


but maybe they are FROM florida, and living in new hampshire!


New Hampshire is the Live Free Or Die state, or more accurately, the Live Free Or Go Fuck Yourself state. It tends to attract people who are like Massholes, but with psycho libertarian streaks.


I thought it was Ashton Kutcher.