Man has trouble walking on sidewalk that becomes narrower and narrower


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Around here some selfish fucker would have parked their SUV across that pavement.


Why? I mean, um, … why?


Because the ground is lava…


It’s like a metaphor for life.


man, i thought MY local sidewalks were too narrow. jeez


All I see is a still. You kids and your newfangled codecs get off my lawn!


And again: The majesty of sport.







I’ll try to keep this short, but I was down in Florida one time and the place I was staying was about two miles out of town. I thought I’d walk home that night. Out along the dark road, where I’d been warned not to step off the pavement because alligators. About a mile down the road, the sidewalk ended. I decided not to risk the gators in the dark and walked back to where I could hail a taxi. The person I was staying with told me that they were halfway through building the sidewalk when they realized - nobody walks in Florida and just stopped.


This is probably an analogy to those speed traps, with a cop hidden behind a bush giving a fine for jaywalking to anyone who leaves the sidewalk.


I’ve never understood jaywalking. You’d think that the US being the land of FREEDOM! that you’d be free to cross the road wherever you want.


You’re never too old to play “The Floor is Made of Lava.”


Just tap everywhere on the screen (carefully avoiding the ads) and eventually something will happen.


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