Man knows it's not smart to crack an 80-foot bullwhip, does it anyway


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I have done that with a much shorter one than 80 feet and let me say it stings like a mofo. Long pants and long sleeves are essential to futzing about with a bullwhip.


Isn’t it like a boomerang, that it’s desired that something is struck by it before it returns?

Catch the wave!


and yet he persisted…

80’ bullwhip sounds like it can sneak up on ya, grab ya by the booboo
might want to wear a cup


Why make a whip that long?


Sweet, sweet YouTube money?


Stop that. Stop it right now. You and your question-asking.
He made it because he could. That’s all the reason he needed.
And I, for one, support this brave man doing this work.
Couple more tries and he should get here.
Carry on!


whip it

whip it good


That’s the same reason we apparently elected Trump, except with a far better outcome.


Needs to read up on wave reflection.


My brother has a scar on his iris from doing cracking an 8 foot whip when he was about 12. Too bad we didn’t have video capture so readily available back then.


That is a valid reason. I just wondered if there was something I wasn’t thinking of. Like whipping things 50+ feet below you.

Actually, that would be cool to see it on a bridge wacking water.


Make whips great again!


I mean, he’s trying to. But it looks difficult.


This was much better live, but I couldn’t find a decent version.


Weird. I always thought that was about dogs.


… and face protection! Safety glasses at the least.

ETA: I see that @blueprint1034 already described that problem.

I hope your brother escaped that lesson without visual impairment.


Was he whipping it in the direction of some power lines? Cause that’s what it looks like.


Yeah it’s fun to whip a downed power line. You get sparks and stuff.