Man on flight snarls like zombie

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Looks like somebody didn’t make it to the Margaritaville resort that week.


I’m afraid to have to note that the steward slightly undermined himself by not having his mask over his nose.

But the guy was told what to do and didn’t. You obey these people’s instructions, ok? They are in charge and if you don’t like it, don’t fly.

Were they on the ground? Was this guy trying to get to the front of the queue to disembark? Whatever, clearly an asshole.



I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.


I love how when he gets told firmly “no” and has to sit down in defeat he barks

“JOE BIDEN! They… think… of … america… as … a… disgrace… I … think… of … america… as… NOT… a… disgrace… i… think… of … america… as … not … a … disgrace… I … think… of … america”

the creepy brainwashed mantra here is almost as disturbing as his maniacal monkey growls.


All while fully doing his part to make it a disgrace.


FWIW in a later video the OP clarifies that there was a “racial moment” with an Asian woman where zombie-guy lashed out and told them they don’t belong here but it wasn’t captured on video and the growling meltdown started after the guy was told to back down and leave the other people alone.

So apparently that’s why he says he titled it the way he did at the time. I’d link but I don’t have an account so I can only partially interact with tiktok.


The party in his head must be interesting.

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He only feels the freedom to act this way because many, many other people are attending the same party.

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i must say it took some guts to be filming that guy from that small distance. i would have been making a huge luggage fort if he was across the aisle from me.


Party? I suspect it’s more like a brawl.


I’m not so sure, I don’t get the impression that this fellow has much of an inner monologue at all.

There’s a certain kind of white guy (almost always white, almost always a guy) who lives his entire life without ever needing to filter a thought or rehearse an interaction. He takes up a space, announces his desires, and gets what he wants.

And on the (historically rare, but increasingly more common) occasions when this doesn’t work, his brain has a hard time processing what’s happening. Alcohol probably isn’t helping either. Being yelled at by a white male pilot and then escorted off the plane by three white male police officers is particularly confusing for him.

I interacted with exact duplicates of this guy about once a month when I worked food service and pizza delivery, complete disbelief when something doesn’t go his way.


Well in truth, it’s really not a party without a brawl. /s


Just once I’d like to see one of these turn out to be performance art.

Given his slurred speech, his stumbling gait, and his insistence that they were already landed, I’m going to go with “substances ingested.” Or “zombie” - snarling, stumbling, brainlessness… all the jokes about what covid has revealed about how a zombie pandemic would play out hopefully weren’t actually prophetic…

Or he could be a diabetic? I dunno. I wonder if the plane was really in the air or not when they told him it was. I mean I assume it was but then the cops came on board? maybe there was a cut?

This is a side note. I first heard the expression “party in his head” from Swordfishtrombones by Tom Waits. People since then have written songs with the phrase, but I wonder. Did Waits write the expression or did it exist before then? Google so far no help.

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“He’d rather a bottle in front of him, then a frontal lobotomy”

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