Man outwits a creepy car that chases him up and down a street

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I had this very same thing happen to me when i lived in Vegas. Its super late at night, my apt complex was at the end of a dead end dark street so didn’t see a lot of traffic. I see a car drive by, turn around the end of the block and head toward me which i noticed and started walking away from the side walk and onto an adjoining property. I also see that the car passes me stops 50ft ahead… ok then? I pass it, and the car drives past me and stops next to me, guy honks and rolls his window down. I walk past but he speeds up and slows down again and yells again for my attention… I should’ve ignored him but he was being so persistent i was afraid this dude would continue to escalate and i was close to home so i walk over and ask him in a visibly annoyed way what he wanted. He then proceeds to ask me for drugs and i tell him i can’t help him and just walk off.


I assume maybe there was a gun involved? He wouldn’t run that fast from, “Got any drugs?”

Good on him for not running away in a straight line like all media ever would have you believe everyone does all the time.


how does the disco ball fit in?


Wow. Even at the end of the video you can see the guy is still running down the street.

What ever you do, don’t do the Hollywood cliche of just running straight down road away from the front of the car, assuming, for no reason what so ever, that you can out run a car in a straightaway … :thinking:

Edit: Doh. Avyctes beat me to it :slight_smile:


The Liberal media has a straight-line-running bias!

Good thing it wasn’t one of those walking cars that was chasing him. I’m pretty sure that RU times had an article about a herd of rogue walking cars that chased a guy 15 miles through the snow and then trampled him on his own stoop while he was fumbling with his keys.


Uber drivers are getting aggressive looking for fares.


In flip-flops, no less.

Smart, lucky, and… Cardio, cardio, cardio. That guy is bookin’ at the end of the clip!

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