Man pepper sprayed for walking past police

Obviously laymen’s psychological diagnoses based on ten seconds of Youtube video are not… authoritative (to say the least.) But that doesn’t mean that the “syndrome” is nonexistent.

There have been plenty of studies that debunk Short Man Syndrome/Napoleon Complex - which was based on inaccurate British propaganda to start with, because Napoleon wasn’t particularly short anyway.

Bloody tallsplainers.


Well no, but it not being a syndrome makes it not a syndrome. Like I said, EVERYONE acts like an ass sometimes, but when it’s someone of less than average height, for some reason, people are ultraquick to label it as a psychological trait.

Just another part of the stigma attached to being short.

(N.B. I’m slightly taller than average before anyone tries to diagnose me, but many in my family are slightly shorter than average and get shit like this all the time)


OT: I went to the doctor yesterday, in the course of which I was weighed and measured, but she did the height stick without letting me get ready, so I was still slouching and now my medical record says I’m only 6’. I’m still irrationally upset about this. Some of my best friends are short, but…


At the very start of the video, on the right hand side, between the two parked cars, it looks like there is someone down on the pavement.

From the solicitous behavior of the police toward the person who is down, I infer they have identified him as a “victim.” From their liberal use of pepper spray to clear people away from him, I’m tempted to infer he’s a cop.

Nicely divided! Use a spark gap transmitter to cut their radio contact. We need one group over there to get the ones behind the trees. One group to intercept those near the cars. Another to deal with the ones in the middle of the street. And one more for those at the intersection. The rest should wait outside the area in case any more cops arrive.

Conversely, if you’re very tall, assertive behaviour is very quickly labelled as confrontational and threatening.

Humans. It’s almost like they think physical differences dictate character.


All assertive people are jerks, regardless of height. That’s what being assertive means. :wink:


Heh, same thing’s happened to me. I mentioned the error and she just shrugged. Hopefully, one day someone will look over my records and marvel how my height keeps changing.

Hey, I know that corner! I used to work in the building outside the left of the frame across the street. Then they moved my department to Federal way, because the Seattle building’s price/square foot was too expensive and premium for the people who fix all the designer’s printers to occupy.

The next street up usually has a very cordial traffic cop who helps with rush hour, because apparently they think nobody knows how to navigate a 4-way stop when there’s also a tram that runs along with traffic.

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Well, it wouldn’t be helpful to claim that she’s overcompensating for having a short penis.


Isn’t there a physical minimum requirement for street-based police work?
Putting someone who is that small in a dangerous job like crowd control is almost as irresponsible as her reactionary behaviour. Which may very well be fuelled by such a consideration.

Anyway, whilst that might be contributing factor, I think it’s probably vastly outweighed by the fact that she will have had to inculcate the culture of the police and is therefore an asshole.


Or the long cut:

She’s very short in ways that have nothing to do with her physical stature.


[quote=“SmashMartian, post:44, topic:51021”]
Humans. It’s almost like they think
I think you could stop right here and have it pretty close to right.

One of my sons is 5’ 2" tall. He was ranked number 6 in the state in high school wrestling. He said he was so fierce not because of short mans syndrome but because he liked sitting on top of people.


Isn’t she doing just that? Poor thing was just deprived of sufficient testosterone in utero for it to grow. And pepper spray is obviously a great substitute. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My sister’s 5’ and change and a cop. She got out of riot training because she isn’t much taller than the shield :smile:

Hmm, perhaps the rationalisation for using physically non-imposing people is the gear. Armour, shields, pepper spray and the like.

Augmented strength robotics is going to be a game changer.

A-ha! Leave it to a doctor to wheel out the proper original, Freudian definition of penis envy.

What’s her name? I see a promotion in this woman’s future.